Saturday, February 27, 2010

Colombians think highly of their government

A public art installation, "Casatomada" (House Occupied), is currently on display at the Colombian Congress. It's 1,300 giant fiberglass ants plastering the exterior of the building, which Marta thought might represent the desire of Colombians that their government work as hard as ants. The artist, Rafael Gomexbarros, says the installation represents the impact of "immigration, globalization and displacement."

It's actually a pretty exciting time for Colombian politics. The supreme court just ruled that the current, very popular president, Alvaro Uribe, can't run for a third term. Now, Enrique PeƱalosa, the controversial, visionary former mayor of Bogota is considering a run for president. It all sounds very Bloombergian to us.

At any rate, the hormigas are pretty fucking wild. Can you imagine these crawling over government buildings in D.C.?