Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another day, another chicken killed (Tuesday, March 16)

Patricia had actually wanted to make soup yesterday, but the chickens proved harder to catch than usual – no soup. (They’re getting wise to us.) So last night, she and Gustavo hatched a plan.
They waited until after dark til all of the chickens were in their coop, about seven feet up in a tree, and then took a bamboo ladder to the tree in the pitch black to grab one by the feet while it was sleeping. Amazing. Wish I had a picture of this, but it was daaaark.

Anyhoo, after catching it and tying its feet, we all took turns holding and guessing the weight of the bird – in el campo, you take what entertainment you can get – Gabe and I were both off by a pound. However, the gallina took revenge on all the fun by dropping a splashy poop right by Gabe’s flip-flopped foot. It was like going to the movies.

And today’s lunch? Caldo con pollo y arroz. Mmm.