Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to civilization

And with a two-week backlog of posts!

We're back in Neiva for a day after time with Gustavo on the ranch. We're sleeping with air conditioning. Have hot showers. No gigantic spiders in the bathroom.


We're here until this evening, when we take an overnight, 9 hour bus to Cali, the capital of salsa and culos, or so they say. This is the first of our overnight hauls, and since it's on a comfortable bus that we already know, it's a good test of whether or not long-haul bus rides will be part of this upcoming year. I've already ixnayed any hostels that don't provide private, in-suite bathrooms. (Huge indulgence, I know.) Anyways, I'm looking forward to a double dose of Ambien and hopefully no memory of the ride whatsoever.

About four or five days in Cali, for dancing and frolicking and butt watching. Happy!