Thursday, July 8, 2010

Um, It's Art Right?

In the isolated village of Khajuraho are a group of temples built by the Chandela dynasty around 1000 AC. They are covered in stunning Kama Sutra carvings that put the Taj Mahal to some shame, because for all that the Taj is all about love, you don’t see men pleasuring three women at a time there, do you?

But seriously. For all that it appears that the Chandelas were just hornballs into horse fucking (seriously) the Khajuraho temples were where we received our first real education in the balance that exists in Hinduism. The extraordinary beauty of it, for us, is that Hinduism seems to actually recognize that humans are, you know, human. In order to have creation, you need destruction. In order to have beauty, you need ugly. And in the case of the Kama Sutra, in order to have a healthy, complete, and focused mind, you need a healthy, complete, and focused body. Which is achieved through sex.

Get inspired.

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