Saturday, October 30, 2010

13 things learned in Cambodia

1. Cambodian immigration officials do not like it when you show up at the border with a full passport.

2. They especially don't like it when you show up at the border with a full passport the second time.

3. Vegetable amok. Bomb.

4. The DPRK embassy is across the street from PwC's Phnom Penh office. Chew on that.

5. The Khmer like their naga.

6. Cambodian dancing is a whole different thing.

7. Lots of dolphins in the Mekong, but not as many as there should be. Another sad legacy of Pol Pot.

8. People can do terrible things to each other.

9. Private roads in Cambodia are built by the Chinese and Koreans. They are smooth, good, and expensive to travel.

10. A Korean private company manages Angkor Wat. So you pay a ton to get into Cambodia's national treasure, and only a tiny percentage goes to Cambodia.

11. The Khmer love their morning exercise.

12. Phnom Penh. A lovely city.

13. Severe bodyaches, headaches, boneaches, and fever might frighten you into leaving the country early in order to get to a Bangkok hospital. Said pains may disappear the minute you cross the border, but then invade your wife.


  1. Our biggest lessons learned in Cambodia:
    - Whatever time you are quoted (for a bus ride, boat ride, etc.) should be at least doubled, sometimes tripled.
    - (related to above) 10 hr. boat rides lead to sore bums.
    - A ten year old child gets a tad tired of bas reliefs after 6.5 hours of looking at them.
    I loved your list!!

  2. I keep hearing such good things about Cambodia!