Saturday, October 30, 2010

16 things learned in Laos

1. Coconut shakes. Nuff said.

2. Sticky rice can be shaped into cubes, footballs, people, anything you like.

3. Clearly, temple builders had location, location, location in mind.

4. The art of relaxation is best perfected in Four Thousand Islands.

5. Amy can mend things, such as pajamas and buttons.

6. Gabe is a mean checkers player.

7. Riding bikes in the monsoon rain is actually pretty fun.

8. Water buffalo move faster than you think.

9. Mosquito nets are often repaired with Band-Aids.

10. You can spend half an hour waiting to see if a gecko will eat a beetle.

11. We thought being away from home for a year was extreme. It's not. We met a guy on his way home for his mom's 80th birthday. Last time he was home: her 70th.

12. Bus drivers like to stop for snacks. And smoke breaks. And pee breaks. And for no apparent reason whatsoever.

13. Beetles and crickets roasted on sticks are terrifying when waved inches from your face by a tiny Laotian woman.

14. You can buy bags of live bugs to go.

15. Lao funeral celebrations are pretty friendly. We recommend Day 3.

16. Throne toilets don't necessarily have to be flush toilets.

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