Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Easy Rider Tour - Day 3

Day 3. We start of our day with a stroll through a local market. I debate buying a ridiculous lavender umbrella. My transition Ridiculous Asian is nearly complete.

Pepper plants! Chuse is known for its extraordinary peppers. Who knew peppers were 7 feet tall?

And also? Had no idea rubber grew in trees. Rubber plantations are scattered all through the Central Highlands. Best: the workers were flirting and chasing each other with gobs of raw rubber, which has the texture of Elmer's Glue. Some things are universal.

And to finish the day ... a salvage operation. Mines, missiles, artillery, and other battle detritus lay all over Vietnam. The Vietnamese, being Vietnamese, remake the scrap metal into tools, building materials, and sculpture. It is horrifying and beautiful.

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